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Revolution in e-Signature

A new revolution in signing a document online

We all are witnessing a world where everything is turning digital and this trend of digitalization is at a great upsurge as well. Not only concerning the protection factor, but this digitalization is somewhat helping the environment also because less use of paper is being seen due to digitalization. But can we sign a document online? Let’s get into the answer to this question in the next segment of this question.

What is the basic process of signing a document online?

There is a simple three-step process by which you can have a document signing application online without any error or confusion. The steps go like this:

  • You’ll have to download the document to a company: there are many specialized online based company which can convert the document into the desired format.
  • Drop your signature in the space provided in the document: there must be a space where you can sign. When it is online in nature you can scan your sign, save it in your system or any device and then upload and drag that sign in the space provided.
  • The last step is confirming the process: it is a very important step and this is totally non-negotiable because confirmation is a must. The document where you have signed must require a confirmation also by the sender of that particular document. Once you have completed the digital signature application process, a page of confirmation will appear and you’ll have to agree with that.

What should be the quality of the company which you’ll choose?

This is all in all a new innovation related to the agreement signing the application process online. The company which you are choosing for such purpose should have certain qualities like:

  • The company should fit to all business
  • The company should be able to navigate quickly
  • Shouldn’t have any issues while clicking which means the company should have one-click send policy and the system as well.