Full product explanation in just 11 Steps

  • 01Register your Account

    Register your account from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Account registration just requires a Company person Name, Company Name and Company Email to setup account. Due to high device compatibility, you can register with Mobile devices, Tablets, Laptops as well as desktops. Get 5 free credits on Account registration.

  • 01Account Setup

    Once account is registered, you just need to update you account profile to setup your own branding in Document and Emails. Create Unlimited user of the same account. Every user of the account pools the same credit account and can share the templates created by admin. Account user can view their own document but admin has the super access to view all the documents sent and received in the account. Updating the user profile and creating user account is super easy.

  • 01Adopt Sign

    Adopt your Signature from five best-predefined calligraphy, or create your own by drawing it on canvas or upload a Signature image in JPEG or PNG format. You can change your signature at any point of time. Your Signature will be associated with a unique biometric identification code.

  • 01Set Template

    Create the unlimited Templates without any restriction, it is as simple as creating the PDF.
    Step 1, Upload any PDF or Forms with empty values.
    Step 2, Add the title of the parties such as customer, sales manager, director, etc. and assign the roles. Set Signing orders if you want to change the order of signing.
    Step 3, Add the Fields on the Docket, prepopulate the repeating values and just save it.
    You can save the template at any point and start over from your saved point.

  • 01Send Docket

    Send the document in just one credit. It is the guaranteed Cheapest e-signature solution available in the market. Sending document is easy-peasy.
    Step 1, Select the Document form Templates or Upload any new document.
    Step 2, Add the Parties with basic details, name and email address. If you have chosen the template, parties are automatically added to the document with the roles. Add the private message for individual parties.
    Step 3, Add the fields on the docket, prepopulate the fields for the parties if known. Verify the subject Line of the email and add the common message to send in email.
    Your docket is ready to send on a click of a button.

  • 01Signing Docket

    Open the email from Signitonline.co.uk, Click your unique link to the document. You’ll be taken to our super-simple signing page. You don’t need to have an account with us to sign or create an electronic signature and don’t worry signing PDFs or other documents is easy. But you know what they say ‘once you eSign, you’ll never go back’…

    Complete your sections, The sender will have specified what you need to fill in e.g. your signature. You can draw your signature using a touch-screen device, type it or you can sign by uploading an image of your signature. Be it typing, drawing or image file, they’re all perfectly acceptable.

  • 01Docket Follow Up

    Upon sending docket, If you realize that you need to do some corrections such as Email ID, Name or even you want to upload an new document, yes, you can do it without losing any credits. You can set the Daily, weekly or instant reminders to the docket which are in progress and also, you can set the Expiry date to the dockets.

  • 01Help & Support

    At any point if you need help and support, We are there to help you. We have kept all the medium for our customers to reach us. You can login in your account and can go through the Systems walkthrough, Guide Docs, or even watch video to understand the system. We are also available just a phone call away. You can email us with your queries and we guarantee you to reply within 24 Hours. You can chat with us using WahtsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype.

  • 01Good to know Features

    Bio Metric ID – Unique Identity for your account
    Signing Order – Set the signing order of your parties
    Prepopulated Values – Pre populate the values for parties so they have less click which they can change if they want
    Private Messages – Send the private message to every parties along with the common messages
    Email previews – See the Email preview next to the common message before sending
    Customised Email Subject – Change the Subject Line as you want before sending docket
    Instruction popup – Add the instruction on every field for the parties
    Library – Enables you see all the docket at one place
    Predefined Templates – See the predefined templates for ready to use
    Dashboard shortcuts – Helps you to take the next quick action on your docket

  • 01Easy Account Top-up

    You have a flexibility to top-up your account as an when you need it. Every pound will give you five credit to send docket. You will be reminded automatically when your account goes low on credit.

  • 01Contact List

    Manage your contact from the contact list. Every new parties you add to send the docket is automatically added to the contact list which can be updated later.


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Yes, Electronic Signatures are 100% Legal, SignIt adheres to, and exceeds, the latest electronic signature laws within the UK and the European Union, most notably eIDAS regulation. We provide a full audit trail following completion of the signing process. Also, append each and every docket with the certificates of authentication.